Right to feel less tired

A solution for rehydration with optimal balance of electrolyte developed by doctors. Lingtea can provide easy and fast rehydration without any help from medical professions, as effective as IV.

Experience Healthy Recovery with Lingtea

For soldiers, by soldiers

Lingtea was developed by 3 special forces medical officers, to protect soldiers from heatstroke, exhaustion, and dehydration.

For ones protecting us

We appreciate ones protecting us everyday without being seen. Lingerwater supports fire fighters and soldiers with monthly donation.

For you, especially.

Lingtea is exclusively effective on dehydration from exercise, drinking, and daily life. Experience fast and healthy recovery, with Lingtea.
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So happy to finally meet something which can fully replace IV. Always was worried of my mother always going for hospital.. Had a great refreshing taste and I'm glad she likes it as well. Thank you so much! 


I usually drink a lot with my friends and got it as a gift from one of them. I caught a really bad cold and had really hard time, then I was amazed how fast I got much better and hydrated. Always when to hospital for IV injection because of my condition, but I'm sure I won't be there for now.


I'm working as a nurse who always thought of drinking IV, and I got surprised it DOES exist. Recently read an article of Lingtea and bought it right away. My mother often got an IV injection though her vein was not in a good condition, but she is happy that she finally found a replacement.


It was really hard to stay outside because of scorching heat this summer. I was sweating a lot and could even barely eat out of exhaustion, then I met Lingtea. First I was pretty doubtful if it would really work, but I changed my mind after 7 days of use.